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I Recently purchased a 16GB Sandisk Ultra Backup USB Flash Drive. Of course, the first thing I had to do was hack it up to do what I wanted! I had already taken control of my Cruzier U3 partition a year or so ago by using a utility I had made. (It's a heavily modified application that was originally from SanDisk, used to update the U3 portion of the flash drive.) Basically, it leads you through a wizard that allows you to replace the ISO being written to the drive, allowing you to create your own ISO first, then add it to the drive. It made it easy to do and works very well. I used the same utility to hack up my new 16GB drive with my own ISO. (I also discovered that this U3 partition was about 0.3MB larger. Yay!) If you're interested in modding your own Sandisk U3 drive, grab my utility above and have some fun. You can also grab a very basic ISO above to get started. Feel free to hack it up as needed. (All it does is flash my "Whitehat" logo in the bottom right corner of the screen.)

But that was not the target of attention on this new drive. This new drive has a handy dandy "Backup" button, allowing the SanDisk backup software to launch and perform its duties, without installing any software on the system. Very nifty and it works quite well. (Even the software is surprisingly well done.) But I didn't need the backup feature, though it's a shame to waste such a lovely button. So I set out to make it work for me instead. The answer only took a few hours to create, but now my backup button launches the program of my choosing! I ended up just modding the SanDisk Backup Utility U3 application. I also hacked up the installer a bit so now the software will still work together with the hacked backup button. You can download both in the U3 Software section above. To have the button launch the EXE of your choice, open the u3p file in your ZIP program of choice, then replace "GuidoZ.exe" in the "host" directory with your own EXE.

I was also frustrated by the lack of OpenOffice v3.1 for the U3 drives, so I made that too. Download it in the same spot.

Lastly, if you just can't stand the U3 part of the drive, use the uninstaller. If you break something and want to get it back to "normal", use the uninstaller, then the updater to return it to its default state.

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